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Highway 11 Road Conditions

Highway 11 Ontario Road Conditions

Highways Area Road Condition

Central (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
11Barrie to Severn Bridge not available.

North Eastern (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
11Severn Bridge to Muskoka Falls not available.
11Muskoka Falls to Emsdale not available.
11Emsdale to Strong not available.
11Strong to South River not available.
11North Bay to Roy Drive not available.
11Roy Drive to New Liskeard not available.
11New Liskeard to Granite Lake Bridge not available.
11Granite Lake Bridge to Earlton not available.
11Earlton to Millers Pit Road not available.
11Millers Pit Road to Bourkes Road East not available.
11Bourkes Road East to Black River not available.
11Black River to Cochrane not available.
11Cochrane to Driftwood not available.
11Driftwood to Fauquier not available.
11Fauquier to Lowther not available.
11Lowther to Calstock not available.
11Calstock to Pagwachuan River not available.

North Western (information current as of 2:11 p.m.)
11Pagwachuan River to Longlac bare & dry.
11Longlac to Jellicoe bare & dry.
11Jellicoe to Orient Bay bare & dry.
11Orient Bay to Nipigon bare & dry.
11Nipigon to Highway 587 - Pass Lake bare & dry.
11Highway 587 - Pass Lake to Highway 527 bare & dry.
11Highway 527 to Harbour Expressway bare & dry.
11Harbour Expressway to Kakabeka Falls bare & dry.
11Kakabeka Falls to Shabaqua bare & dry.
11Shabaqua to Little Savanne River Bridge bare & dry.
11Little Savanne River Bridge to Seine River Bridge bare & dry.
11Seine River Bridge to Fort Frances bare & dry.
11Fort Frances to Highway 617 bare & dry.
11Highway 617 to Rainy River bare & dry.
11Rainy River to Ontario Minnesota Border bare & dry.

Data is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Highways, and is attempted to be up to date, but always be careful driving in winter conditions as they can change very quickly.