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Highway 17 Road Conditions

Highway 17 Road Conditions - Ontario

Highways Area Road Condition

Eastern (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
17Ottawa to Arnprior not available.
17Arnprior to Renfrew not available.

North Eastern (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
17Renfrew to Petawawa not available.
17Petawawa to Bonfield not available.
17Bonfield to South Junction Highway 11 - North Bay not available.
17South Junction Highway 11 - North Bay to North Bay West Limits not available.
17North Bay West Limits to Golf Course Road not available.
17Golf Course Road to Highway 535 Hagar not available.
17Highway 535 Hagar to Highway 69 Sudbury not available.
17Highway 69 Sudbury to Fairbanks Lake Road WhiteFish not available.
17Fairbanks Lake Road WhiteFish to Massey not available.
17Massey to Serpent River not available.
17Serpent River to Highway 548 not available.
17Highway 548 to Lower Echo River not available.
17Lower Echo River to Hwy 17B East not available.
17Sault Saint Marie North Limits to Montreal River Bridge not available.
17Montreal River Bridge to Southwest of White River not available.

North Western (information current as of 9:17 a.m.)
17Southwest of White River to Marathon bare & dry.
17Marathon to Steel River Bridge bare & dry.
17Steel River Bridge to Rossport bare & dry.
17Rossport to Cypress River bare & dry.
17Cypress River to Nipigon bare & dry.
17Shabaqua to Dog River Road bare & dry.
17Dog River Road to English River bare & dry.
17English River to Dinorwic bare & dry.
17Dinorwic to Dryden bare & dry.
17Dryden to Vermilion Bay bare & dry.
17Vermilion Bay to Little Joe Lake bare & dry.
17Little Joe Lake to Kenora bare & dry.
17Kenora to Ontario/Manitoba border bare & dry.

Data is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Highways, and is attempted to be up to date, but always be careful driving in winter conditions as they can change very quickly.