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Highway 401 Road Conditions

hwy 401 map Highway 401 RoadsignHighway 401 road conditions, road closures and highway traffic cameras. Highway 401 also known by its official name as the Macdonald–Cartier Freeway from Windsor to the Quebec border. The segment of Highway 401 passing through Toronto is the busiest highway in North America. Traffic cams are followed by the 401 winter road report, and the 7 day weather forecast is at the very bottom of page.

Highway Cams:

Highway 401 near Hwy 409 N Highway 401 near Hwy 410
Highway 401 near Hwy 409 N, Toronto.401 near Hwy 410, Toronto.
Highway 401 Ontario Road Conditions -
Highways Area Road Condition

Eastern (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
401CLARINGTON East Limits to Quinte Road 33 - Interchange 525 not available.
401Quinte Road 33 - Interchange 525 to West of Camden Road (Interchange 593) not available.
401West of Camden Road (Interchange 593) to Ganonoque not available.
401Ganonoque to Johnstown not available.
401Johnstown to Quebec Border not available.

Central (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
401Highway 6 to Trafalgar Road not available.
401Trafalgar Road to Highway 400 not available.
401Highway 400 to Morningside (Scarborough) not available.
401Morningside (Scarborough) to Harmony Road not available.
401Harmony Road to Boundary Road not available.

South West (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
401Windsor to North Talbot Road not available.
401North Talbot Road to Tilbury not available.
401Tilbury to Chatham/Kent not available.
401Chatham/Kent to London not available.
401London to Ingersoll not available.
401Ingersoll to Drumbo not available.
401Drumbo to Highway 6 South not available.
London Weather - 5 Day Forecast


Data is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Highways, and is attempted to be up to date, but always be careful driving in winter conditions as they can change very quickly.

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