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Queensway - Highway 417 Road Conditions

hwy 417 map Highway 417 RoadsignHighway 417 road conditions from the junction of Highway 17 in Arnprior through to the Quebec border at Autoroute 40 towards Quebec City. Highway traffic cams are displayed after the road conditions report, scroll down to see them.

Highway Cams:

Highway 417 near Lees Ave Highway 417 South of Carling Ave
Queensway(Highway 417) near Lees Ave, Ottawa. Not far from Hurdman's Bridge.Queensway (Highway 417) South of Carling Ave, Ottawa.
Highway 417 Road Conditions Ontario
Highways Area Road Condition

Data is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Highways, and is attempted to be up to date, but always be careful driving in winter conditions as they can change very quickly.