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Highway 7 Road Conditions

Highway 7 from Highway 40 east of Sarnia in Southwestern Ontario to Highway 417 in southwest Ottawa (Kanata) in Eastern Ontario.

Highway 7 Ontario Road Conditions
Highways Area Road Condition

Eastern (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
7North Junction Highway 12 to Kawartha Lakes Road not available.
7Kawartha Lakes Road to Junction highway 7 & 115 not available.
7Junction highway 7 & 115 to Highway 28 not available.
7Highway 28 to Havelock not available.
7Havelock to Madoc not available.
7Madoc to Kaladar not available.
7Kaladar to Perth not available.
7Perth to Junction highway 417 & 17 not available.

Central (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
7Reesor Road (Markham) to Highway 12 - Brooklin not available.

South West (information current as of 0:00 a.m.)
7Elginfield to Stratford not available.
7Stratford to Kitchener not available.
7Kitchener to Waterloo not available.
7Waterloo to Guelph not available.
7Guelph to Georgetown not available.

London South District (information current as of 9:11 a.m.)
7/8Stratford to Kitchener bare & wet.

Data is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Highways, and is attempted to be up to date, but always be careful driving in winter conditions as they can change very quickly.